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To help spread the word via Tumblr and Twitter, please refer to my original post here, which this is copied from.

This is mainly directed at DFAB (cisgender or not) persons and transwomen who play World of Warcraft due to some information that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. If you are ever in a dungeon finder or raid finder group with someone from The Kings Guard (on the realm Jaedenar), DO NOT add them to your Real ID, DO NOT roll a character on that server and join their guild, NOTHING.

I added one of their members to Real ID several months ago. My only pick with him was that he had to talk to me every. damn. day. Even if I said I wasn't paying attention to chat, in a dungeon, or in a raid, he would start sending tells and wouldn't stop. He was super-clingy, though he was polite and being the decent person that I am, I didn't tell him to shut up.

Then, in the late hours of 02 July/early hours of 03 July (2012), he revealed that after high school, a girl he was at least friends with left their home state and pretty much vanished off the face of the earth. He proceeded to search the internet for her, and whenever he found her, her information/account would disappear. When she returned to their homestate, he saw her in a coffee shop and deliberately went into the shop and sat 15ft from her. When she saw him, she tried to make conversation and he responded with, "I don't remember you." and "I didn't miss you." He said he "got [his] vengence" and implied that he enjoyed stalking her and making her feel uncomfortable.

Way to not only be a creep, but a complete and utter douche, too.

His telling me this set the alarms in my head off. In 2007, a classmate had stalked me around the college I was attending and sexually assaulted me.

I confronted the RID friend about what he'd done and told him that it was creepy, that he was a stalker, that what he did sounded a lot like what happened to me, and that my opinion of him had changed, and it wasn't good. He brushed me off and said, "Then I guess we aren't friends anymore. I can leave if you like."

"Then I guess we're not friends anymore."

I can't even begin to describe how immature that is. You stalked a girl for years, a survivor of sexual assault calls you out on your shit, and you pull this card? First off, knowing that I'm a feminist and against rape culture, why the hell would anyone even bring that up? There's no possible way in hell he could've honestly believed I would've agreed with him that his actions were justified.

(He later said that he says too much when he's drunk, but I highly doubt he was drunk. I think it was an excuse.)

"I can leave if you like."

This...this is just plain stupid. This is an attempt to guilt-trip me, to get me to apologize for pointing out that he's just like my attacker. To put me in my place. Because I have a female body. (Transladies, I assure you, he would've done the same to you because you identify as female.) (Note: I do not identify as female.)

Hate to tell you this, buddy, but that won't work. See how sorry I am? I'm telling the feminist community about you! As for leaving, sure, he can leave the game. As a matter of fact, he should leave the game. I welcome the silence. I have guildies and a girlfriend I would so much rather talk to because it's not the same thing over and over and these are people I actually know and trust.

When I would not let up on calling him on his crap, he tried to blame his behavior on his ex-girlfriend, whom he'd always made out to be a psychotic bitch. Again, I called him on it and said that blaming it on Bunny was an excuse. I don't give two shits or a rat's ass how bad an ex was, if someone is consistently trying to cut off all contact with you, you should really take that as a hint and fuck off. Not just a regular "fuck off," but a huge flashing sign that says "FUCK OFF" in neon colors on the Vegas strip. What's more, you should get on with your life, even if your existence is as pathetic as his.

So please, patrons of WoW who are DFAB and/or identify as female, keep your eye out for this creep and his guild. Spread the word about them.

Again, the guild is called The Kings Guard. It's an Alliance guild on Jaedenar, a PvP server. I don't know all of his characters, but here are the ones I DO know:

  • Caitriel, lvl85 Worgen priest
  • Gaerdin, lvl83 Human paladin
  • Sakido, lvl80 Worgen warlock,
  • Sierra, lvl85 Worgen Mage
As for the guy behind these toons, he strictly plays Alliance. If you are strictly Horde, you're safe.

Lastly, I just want to add that he probably expects me to delete my Tumblr and my deviantART and hide from him, seeing as he knows both and has me on his deviantWatch. Nope. I'm not hiding. And, should he roll on my server and attempt to join my guild, we're waiting for him.

(Do not "like" this post. Reblog it. It's the only way to get the word out about him.)

ETA FOR FOLKS ON deviantART & FUR AFFINITY: This is his dA account and this here is his FA account. If you get a watch from him, report him immediately for stalking. He's a lurker and won't comment, but I imagine if you went to his page and said you don't want a creep on your page, that might deter him.  

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I've studied the arts for many years, but in 2015, I realized that I had a calling: to help LGBT youth. I intend to go back to university to answer that calling, and then I plan to use the arts and love of animals and nature to help these kids that others have thrown away.

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